That’s the exact spot where I realized that she played the mom on suite life of zack and cody

thats the exact moment i realised sam had no idea what a ‘mom voice’ was

who gave you the right

Sam didn’t have a mom? Excuse me,

Let’s not ferget the parenting skills he displayed with a baby, we can only assume he honed those from when he took care of Sam:

Why is the homophobia so real in the generation of parents? Like whatever happened to equality? I can’t wait to be a parent so I can point out gay couples to them and be like “see that kids? That’s true love” I want my kids to not have to be afraid to tell me things scared of what I’ll thinks. I mean I told my mom about Angelina Joele being bisexual and she got all mad like it’s not okay so I just walked out and am currently locked in the bathroom.