I mean we all love Dean in plaid, and all of those shirts of his that are out favorites (*ahem* like the burgundy one)

But now that he is a Demon, I think until he is himself again he should be required to wear…

A crown, at least for part of one episodeimage

A TIGHT black v-neck t-shirt with even tighter jeans



I am sick and tired of people saying that this so-called “Jensen Cockles” plays Dean Winchester on a “tv drama”. Supernatural is not something for you to make fun of, these are people’s actual, real lives that we are watching. Reality tv is real. So while you pretend everything in the world is okay I will have my salted holy water guns ready to save your ass.

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Anonymous asked:

wait what??? is supernatural really a reality show? supernaturalapocalypse is saying that!! i follow for doctor who and see supernatural, but they must be crazy! if its a reality show!


It definitely is a reality tv show. Where are these rumors coming from that it isn’t?